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Electronic music refers to music that emphasizes the use of electronic musical instruments or electronic music technology as a central aspect of the sound of read more The Prodigy Depeche Mode Massive Attack Moby Björk Radiohead The Chemical Brothers Air Gorillaz Röyksopp Aphex Twin Portishead MGMT Crystal Castles Metal Featured artist Metallica Heavy metal often referred to simply as metal is a subgenre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s With roots read more System of a Down Rammstein Slipknot Iron Maiden metal rock hip hop indie jazz reggae british punk 80s dance acoustic rnb hardcore country blues alternative classical rap country The latest releases Million Dollars to Kill Me Play album Joyce Manor 20 September 2018 Redemption Joe Bonamassa 20 September 2018 Black Honey Play album Black Honey 20 September 2018 Dominion Play album Dragonlord 20 September 2018 The Art Of Pretending To Swim Play album Villagers 20 September 2018 Dhyana Play album MaYaN 20 September 2018 Bristopia Get the Blessing 20 September 2018 Silent Days The Bony King of Nowhere 20 September 2018 Cry Pretty Play album Carrie Underwood 13 September 2018 Landslide Play album Arcane Roots 13 September 2018 Double Negative Play album Low 13 September 2018 For Ever Play album Jungle 13 September 2018 Collapse EP Play album Aphex Twin 13 September 2018 Landscape Future Generations 13 September 2018 Let The Cards Fall The Breath 13 September 2018 Radiate Play album Jeanne Added 13 September 2018 Flip for It Modern Space 13 September 2018 Battle Lines Play album Bob Moses 13 September 2018 On Dark Horses Play album Emma Ruth Rundle 13 September 2018 BDZ Play album TWICE 12 September 2018 Dancehall Play album The Blaze 7 September 2018 Now That 39 s What I Call Christmas Play album Various Artists 7 September 2018 Everybody Dies Logic 7 September 2018 RINGOS DESERT Play album ZHU 7 September 2018 ZOO Russ 7 September 2018 Language Play album MNEK 7 September 2018 Head Cage Play album Pig Destroyer 7 September 2018 All Over You Play album Majid Jordan 7 September 2018 Welcome To The Neighbourhood Play album Boston Manor 7 September 2018 Private Room Play album Counterparts 7 September 2018 ...

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